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Title: Catch your reflection
Pairing: Matsumoto Jun/ Sakurai Sho; Aiba Masaki/ Ninomiya Kazunari
Rating: up to NC-17, but PG-13 most of the time
Warning: none
Summary: When Jun gets a mysterious message written on the mirror, he and his roommate Aiba start searching for a guy who seems to be in danger. And their first way leads them to a mysterious magical shop …
Note: Dedicated to[personal profile] lilly0 <3 I hope you’ll like it. I have a lot of fun writing this one, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading it.

Sho woke up. He could feel his cheeks burning. They slapped him again. “Hey, wake up. We want details. Where have you been in your dreams?”

“I was with this beautiful girl at the beach,” Sho lied with a grin.

“Don’t you dare to lie at me.” A man came closer. He had a knife in his hands, and his knuckles were already covered with blood. He slapped Sho and stepped back. “Where have you been?”

“At the beach, I told you,” Sho said again. “With a girl.”

The man glanced at him. “Which beach?”

“Okinawa,” Sho answered.

“So you want to tell me that the magician is a girl and she is in Okinawa?” The man asked.

Sho nodded. He hoped this lie would give him some time. He knew that he would probably be dead when they find out that this was a trap, but he had to try it. They needed a little bit more time. Please find me – Sho just thought.

“I’ll come back, and if you lied at me, no one will be around to help you.” The man got out of the cellar and closed the door behind him.

They’d probably have one or two more days, but then they needed to have a way out of here. Sho concentrated on his feelings. He wanted to send Jun a small sign that they needed to go faster, but which feeling would symbolize that they needed to hurry?

He concentrated on the feeling he’d have when he’d see Jun again. A warm and tender bubble rose in his belly and he smiled. Yes, that was good.


Jun rubbed his belly. This feeling … “Nino,” he said. “I think we need to hurry.”

“What happened?” Aiba was immediately at his side. “Sho sent me a feeling. He wants to see me so badly. He was sure that it meant that they should hurry. He concentrated on a calm feeling, trying to say Sho that everything would be alright, and that they’d be on the way to get him, even though they had hardly any clue how to go on.

“Okay, we need to get going. Did you find anything?” Nino asked. Both of them shook their head. “If there is nothing, we should maybe try to find another way to get Sho?”

Jun shook his head. Here was definitely something for him. He needed to find out what it was. Jun looked at the ceiling. “One moment,” he suddenly said. “What’s up there?”

Aiba looked up. “Nothing I guess. You didn’t have an attic.”

“No, Aiba, I remember about that rainy day in August when I still lived here. There is an attic, but I was never allowed to go up there. Just when I heard my parents fighting about something, I decided to hide there.”

“You remember?” Aiba said.

Jun rubbed his temples. “Yes. This small picture on the ceiling. It made me remember.”

They looked up. “Maybe we can break your seal, Jun. Maybe you’ll be able to remember about your whole past soon,” Nino murmured. He seemed to have an idea. “You said there is an attic?”

Jun nodded. He walked to the corridor and let his hand brush over the wall. On a certain point he stopped. “There.” He pressed his hand against the wall and a door opened.

“Wow, cool,” Aiba stunned. “Your parents were pretty cool.”

Jun stepped into a dark corridor and walked upstairs He was careful with every step till he reached a room. It was dark, there was no window lightening the room.

“Wait a moment,” he heard Nino say and after a few seconds a candle shone in the room. It was dusty and stinky in the room, but it was nevertheless beautiful. There were a bunch of pictures standing around and some personal things next to old books and a box – a small red box. Jun walked up to it.
He touched the item and suddenly a feeling like being on fire crossed his body. “This is Sho’s,” he said. He couldn’t say why, but he was sure that this wasn’t left behind by his parents.

“Okay, we take this along.” Nino took the item. “And now it’s time to wake up, Jun. I fear that we don’t have much time left.”

Jun turned. “Can I come back here one day?” He didn’t know why he asked this out of sudden. Jun had never the feeling that there was something missing in his life, but maybe this was also erased like his memory of his childhood.

“Yes, we’ll come back, I promise.” Aiba took his hand and they walked back outside.

“How do we wake up?” Jun asked.

Nino smiled at him. He opened a small bottle and let Jun sniff at it. “Yuk, what’s …” he said, but everything started already spinning around and he found himself on Nino’s couch again.

Soon the other two followed him and wake up from where they had sat down. “And now?” Jun asked.

“We order something to eat, and you take a rest, Jun. You really need to sleep now.” Aiba stood up.

“But Sho?” He didn’t feel like sleeping, even though his eyes were already getting heavy.

“We try to find out what this is and we’ll wake you up when the food is here.” Jun turned. He had totally forgotten that Satoshi wasn’t with them in the dream.

“Where have you been?” Jun asked.

“I needed to take care of other things, but I am here now,” Satoshi stepped to Jun. “I am here to protect you all.”

Jun felt Satoshi’s fingers brushing his forehead and he felt much more tired than ever before and before he could fight against it, he had already been asleep.


Jun was coiled up on the couch. He still felt dizzy, and he didn’t want to open his eyes, but the smell of Pizza let his stomach grumble almost painfully. He turned on the couch.

Jun smiled a bit when he saw Nino and Aiba standing in the kitchen. Aiba leaned against the cupboard. He was pale and he seemed to worry. He said something, but Jun couldn’t hear him. He argued and moved his hands till Nino wrapped his arms around Aiba, pulling him closer. Jun closed his eyes when he saw them kissing softly. He didn’t want to be a kind of stalker, but he was happy for Aiba.

Jun felt a bouncy feeling in his belly. It told him that they felt same. He smiled – oh god he behaved like a teenager. He didn’t even know Sho, but he had already feelings for him? Somehow he couldn’t believe that this wasn’t because of their connection, but he wanted to believe this. Jun had always liked the feeling of being in love, especially when the other felt same, and in this case he could definitely say that Sho had the same feelings, because he felt Sho’s feelings. Gosh, no one would ever believe this.

“Jun, food arrived.” He felt Aiba’s hand on his shoulder. Jun did like he had just woken up now and sat up.

“Do you feel okay?” Aiba asked.

He nodded. “I am just hungry, but I guess Sho is alright, if you want to know that. My wound still hurts, and there are some bruises in my face, but all in all I am okay, and I think he feels more or less alright too.”

Nino smiled at him and sat opposite. “That’s good. And now eat something. You need strength.”

Jun took a bite of the Pizza. His stomach got silent almost immediately. He was starving without realizing it. “Did you find out something about that box?”

Satoshi had sat on the small chair next to Aiba and Nino and wrapped his spaghetti on the fork. “We can’t open it.”

“Can I take a look at it?” Jun asked. He saw Ohno nodding at him.

“I intended giving it to you. Maybe you are the key to get it open.” Ohno chewed on his spaghetti. Jun could see that he was tired and he had dark rings under his eyes.

What could have been in this box? Was it really the way to Sho? Or did he hide something totally different in there? “Where is the box?” Jun asked.

Ohno pointed at the window sill right behind Jun. He took the box and stroked over it again. He tried opening it, but nothing happened. “Hm, I don’t know. Maybe it’s not from Sho? Or it’s not meant for me?”

Jun twisted the item in his hands. “There are letters on it. Believe in your feeling, feel what you believe.” Jun breathed out. Was this a riddle? Believe … feeling … “Oh,” Jun said out loud. He closed his eyes and concentrated on his feelings for Sho. He trusted him, he believed in him. And a second later Jun could feel the feeling being returned and with a loud pop the box opened.

“The solution was that you feel that you believe in Sho and he returned it?” Ohno asked. “That’s amazing.”

“Satoshi, I already told you to stop mind hacking,” Aiba said angrily.

Jun blinked. “Wait, you can read my thoughts?”

Satoshi grinned. “I normally don’t do it, but I couldn’t resist, sorry.” He looked at his brother. “Don’t be afraid, I stopped hacking your pervert thoughts. I don’t want to see you and Nino doing each other in your mind any time again.”

Aiba’s cheeks got red, and Nino’s had almost same colour. “You are stupid, Sa-chan,” Aiba grumbled.

For a moment Jun had to laugh out loud. And for this single moment everything was alright. He felt good and small joyful jumps appeared in his chest. He could immediately feel a feeling in return. Sho thanked him for this positive feeling. “We need to find him soon.”

Jun looked at the opened box. There was a golden feather in it. “What’s this?”

Nino almost jumped up. “Oh my god, he had this all the time and he didn’t tell me? I am so going to kill him.”

Satoshi stood up and sat next to Jun. He let his finger brush over the feather. “I haven’t seen this in reality ever before. I thought it got lost during the war.”

“What is this?” Jun said again. He wasn’t interested in any historical stuff, at least not now. He wanted to know how he could get back Sho with this thing.

“With this feather you can manipulate people,” Satoshi said. “Not everyone is able to use it. You need strong magic power for it.”

“And that can help to get Sho out there?” Jun asked.

“Yes, as a part of a bigger plan, it’s an important tool,” Satoshi explained. Jun twisted the feather in his hands, but nothing happened. He didn’t feel strange, nor did the feather something to him or the others.

“A bigger plan?” It was Aiba asking this time, and Jun was happy that he wasn’t the only one who had no idea about anything.

“The feather is able to control people, and then there is another – I don’t know how to call it – maybe artefact. It’s a necklace which let everyone forget about everything with a touch. So if we are able to control the men who capture Sho, we are able to make them forget about their plan, and even about who they are,” Nino said.

“That really sounds … Harry Potter like?” Jun said. This whole thing was really strange. “And you searched for this?”

“Not exactly. We just knew that we needed to find the magician, I mean you, and Sho said that he had a plan. I didn’t think that this was his plan,” Satoshi rubbed his chin.

“Is Sho something like your master mind?” Jun asked. Slowly he had the feeling that Sho was the one who planned everything, and Jun just hoped that they could get out of this mess without Sho.

“Yes, he is the one who knows most about fighting a war and Satoshi is the one who is in charge of protecting people from war and other attacks. And I am the one who coordinate things,” Nino explained.

“You coordinate?”

“Yes, I have something like a computer in my head,” Nino chuckled. “I don’t even need all this internet-hacking stuff. I can do this with my mind. I am able to see house structures in my head, and I can exactly tell where everyone moves in a house.”

Jun stunned. “That’s amazing. So you go with them and you can tell them when someone is approaching?”

Nino shook his head. “No, sadly not. I need to stay at home, because I can’t move and concentrate on my mind at the same time. But I am often connected to Satoshi’s mind, since he is able to read minds, and so we work together perfectly.”

Now Jun felt a little bit like in a special unit, just that they were magicians. “But we couldn’t defeat the men who wanted to kill us, because we needed another magician. Everything we had tried during the last years failed. We stopped trying it, because we feared about dying in another attack against them.”

Jun looked at Nino. “But this time Sho is missing.”

Ohno shook his head. “Not when we get him out of the cellar and make him part of our plan.”

“So you want to go in the cellar, get Sho out, defeat them, and then?” Aiba asked. He looked from one to the other.

“If we get the main persons behind this whole mess, there is a chance that we are able to defeat them completely,” Ohno said. “And if I am right, we might be able to get back to a normal life for our citizens and in the end for us.”

Nino sighed. “It sounds so good to have a chance to finally go back to our world.” Aiba looked at him.

“You want to go back to your world?” Aiba asked.

Nino nodded. “And I hope you’ll come with me.”

Aiba wanted to say something, but Jun interrupted him. He knew that his friend would go to discuss this now, but he could feel Sho’s nervousness and he knew that their time was almost over. “Please, can we win this whole mess before we talk about anything else?”

“Jun’s right, we need to get going,” Ohno said.

“Just one thing,” Jun took the feather. “How do I use this?”

A/N: Hello everyone, this is the new chapter of my little Sakumoto. What do you think about it? Will they rescue Sho? ^^
Oh, and I realized that I wrote that the multi will have 15 Chapters, but I saw that there are only 12. >< Sorry about that mistake. ^^

Date: 2017-06-16 08:20 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] mae74
Yeah! They are getting closer to saving Sho. I can't wait for him and Jun to meet ❤️💜

Date: 2017-06-16 09:02 pm (UTC)
pluvie_27: (Default)
From: [personal profile] pluvie_27
They haven't time!!! Hurry up guys! I hope they manage to arrive there and save Sho soon! I wanna know about Jun's ability and i wanna see his first meet with Sho

Date: 2017-06-17 12:11 am (UTC)
akhikaru: (Default)
From: [personal profile] akhikaru
I hope they do get to save Sho before it's too late :S
Thanks for the update! Can't wait for the next one ^^

Date: 2017-06-17 02:07 am (UTC)
yumn_yumi: (Default)
From: [personal profile] yumn_yumi
Special magician unit. And a gold feather. Wow... i wonder how jun can use his power in this group. XD
they will save Sho soon, right? I'm waiting for their plans.
Sankyuu for sharing this chapter & will waiting for next ^ - ^

Date: 2017-06-24 08:08 am (UTC)
lilly0: (Default)
From: [personal profile] lilly0
Sho, Nino and Ohno are like a super-hero trio! So cool!! Jun's right, it's like they are all a special unit.
It seems like Sho knew a lot, more than the others! I love the exchange of feelings between Sho and Jun and how Jun was able to open the box <3
I'm a bit worried about their plan though. It sounds like a dangerous plan and not something simple! Hope they will manage to go through it and use the feather!
Aimiya are cute by the way ;-)
Thanks so much for this update! <3


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